Rajgir Zoo Safari

Rajgir Zoo Safari is a modern type of zoo. Which has been opened recently in Rajgir, Bihar. This is the first smart zoo in India.

Introducing Rajgir Zoo Safari

Rajgir Zoo Safari is the first modern zoo in India where you can see animals around you. Here the animals are not seen in any cage but roaming freely outside. Here you can also know how animals live naturally in the forest.

Rajgir Zoo Safari is situated between two mountains Ratnagiri and Swarnagiri hills located in the Rajgir of Nalanda district of Bihar. Rajgir Zoo Safari is a high-level National Park. Such national parks are only in Bihar of India. Rajgir Zoo Safari is spread over an area of 480 acres. It cost Rs 176 crore rupees to build it.

Start Advanture at Rajgir Zoo Safari

In this Zoo Safari, You will visit total of five safari points with some extra amenities. In this, you will get to see five different types of wild animals one by one. For security perpose, all animals are separately devided.

First, you will reach to the Deer Safari Point, Here you will see a lot of deers. After this, you will come to the bear safari. The third point is Leopard Safari. The fourth point is the tiger safari. And then, fifth is the lion safari. In this, you will get to see seven lions. Let's explore one by one.

Deer Safari

When you reached the Deer safari point, you will see all 200 species of deer. By roaming on the Deer safari, you will see lots of deer and you feel like you are in Africa. Here your car will stop for a few minutes so that you can see properly their amazing shapes, colors, and behavior.

Deer Safari point is spread over 30 Hactares. In which, There are total of 6 species of dears. For example: Chital, Sambar, Blackbuck, Barking Deer, Hog Deer and Nilgai.

Bear Safari

Now the next is Bear Safari. At this point, you will see two male and female bears. Bears will not appear all the time. To see the bears, you have to stay a little bit more time at this point. Because there are only two bears, you will be amazed when you see their lifestyle.

Because of two Bears, The Bear Safari point is spread over 20 Hactares. In which, Where bears are can be seeing while digging, climbing, and bathing.

Leopard Safari

The third one is Leopard Safari. Here you can see two silent killer leopards male and female. Leopard will not visible at all times. Because they don't want to get appeared. You also will have some trouble finding. If you are lucky then you can see.

This point is spread over 20 Hactares. Most of the time, you will find leopards sitting on the three. Because leopards come down from trees only to hunt and eat.

Tiger Safari

The Forth point is Tiger Safari. Here you will see a couple of Bangal Tigers, one male and one female. Tigers are can be seeing easily when they are sitting silently and bathing in the pont.

Tiger Safari point is spread over 20 Hactares. You also will get afraid to see tigers in the front of you. But they will not do anything.

Lion Safari

Finally, The last one is Lion Safari. Here you will get too afraid, when lots of lions walking around your car. There are total of 7 big and dengerous Gujarati lions.

The Lion Safari point is spread over 30 Hactares. When you see the group of lions when they are around you, you will get amazing experience.


Apart from seeing wild animals in Rajgir Zoo Safari, you will also get to know about all those animals. Here is a wildlife museum on the premises of Rajgir Zoo Safari. In this museum, you will be able to know about all the animals found in this zoo.

From where have they been brought? their species and their history. You will get all this information in this Museum. Before going on safari, definitely visit this museum. This will make your journey more fun.

Children Park

A very wonderful park also has been made for children in Rajgir Zoo Safari. There are many swings installed in this park, which children like very much. Tourists entertain themselves in this park to wait their turn for a safari. The children's park is very crowded on winter days.

180° Theatre

Another fun thing that has been made at Rajgir Zoo Safari is the 180° movie theatre. In this theatre, you will see the life span of wild animals. This movie is shown in 180° curved screen. You can watch shows here with your entry ticket.

How to reach Rajgir Zoo Safari?

Rajgir Zoo Safari is located in Rajgir, Nalanda the district of Bihar. There are many ways to reach Rajgir Zoo Safari. It does not matter where are you from. Airplanes, trains, buses, and taxis all transportation are available here.

Spots Distance
Gaya Airport 67 km
Rajgir Railway Station 3.9 km
Rajgir Bus Stand 3.1 km
Rajgir Glass Bridge 6.6 km
Nawada, Bihar 21.2 km

Acres Area






Hours Ride

Ticket Pricing

*Ticket prices are changing accourding season. Current prices are menioned below.

  1. Museum
  2. 3D Movie Theater
  3. Children Park
  1. Safari
  1. Museum
  2. 3D Movie Theater
  3. Children Park
  4. Safari

Frequently Asked Questions

*Some of common questions that asking every times by visitors.

Can I use mobile or camera inside Rajgir Zoo Safari?

Yes, you can use your mobile or camera in the Rajgir Wildlife Zoo Safari, and you can take photos and videos without any permission.

Can I book Rajgir Zoo Safari tickets online?

Yes, you can book tickets for Rajgir Wildlife Zoo Safari right now. Booking button is available in Ticket section.

How many wild animals I can see at Rajgir Zoo Safari?

There is a total of 10 scecies of animals in 5 safari points in Rajgir Zoo Safari. In which, you can see 7 lions, 2 Leopards, 2 tigers, 2 bears and 200+ deers.

What is the opening and closing time of the Rajgir Zoo Safari?

The opening hours of Rajgir Wildlife Zoo Safari are from 9 AM to 5 PM.

What is the best time to visit Rajgir Zoo Safari?

Winter season is the best time to visit Rajgir Zoo Safari. You can come to visit in the month from November to December.